Our Philosophy


Successful cooperation between client and lawyer is based on mutual trust. Openness and honesty between the client and his or her counsel and discretion and secrecy vis-à-vis third parties are the basis on which we design our work.


Our work is to express your will in the relevant field of law. To do so we must understand you, know your environment and speak your language. We want to get to know you in order to develop solutions for your benefit.


Your legal issues deserve more than being dealt with according to schemes or standards. We take the time we need to understand your questions or problems and to find the optimum solution for you.


Any legal matter may have major consequences for you. Often you are preoccupied with a question or problem for which you need an urgent solution. We respect the significance of every matter that is of concern to you and therefore give you our full attention.


We do not pride ourselves on giving you advice; you can get that in many places. We are proud when we have developed bespoke solutions for your legal concerns together with you. We support and advise you in the legal jungle to pave your way to success.


The term ‘defence counsel’ describes what we are. We are your protective shield in negotiations, disputes and litigation, which the other side must try and pass. You should be able to trust that we will represent and enforce your interests, both on the defensive and on the offensive.

Competent in all areas

We offer our clients a wide range of services.

Competent advice

A wide range of expertise and, above all, being prepared to deal with your concerns are the prerequisites for successful work. We also choose new ways to render optimum advice in all areas.

Many years of experience

With our total of more than 7 decades of work experience in the profession we keep calm in all situations. Possessing the necessary calmness we are able to oversee the situation and find the right way.

Contacts who know their business

At Gumpoldsberger Doppelbauer Bittermann every client has his or her own contact, who is responsible for all of his or her affairs. In addition, we adhere to the “second set of eyes” principle, which means that at least a second jurist knows about the case as a backup.

Quick responses

Quick support is double support. Accordingly, we are available for you in urgent cases also after office hours. If you should not be able to reach your contact immediately, we guarantee that he or she will call back as soon as possible.

World-wide representation

In a time of globalization, the borders are disappearing. Accordingly, our clients do business in all of the world. And we are capable of supporting them wherever they go.

Security & Time

We take away the legal part of your concerns. Thus, you gain more time to concentrate on your core competences.