Mag. Johannes Brunner

In 2019, Johannes Brunner finished his law studies at the University of Vienna and also spent the time of his court practice in the federal capital.

Already during his studies Johannes Brunner gained experience in a notary’s office in Vienna and in a renowned Viennese law firm. In addition, he was involved in numerous organizations and also honorary positions, among others in pedagogical supervision and management in the association FERIENHORT and in the academic start up “CMS! – Clean Mediterranean Sea” in public relations.

When COVID-19 also reached the borders of Austria in spring 2020, Johannes Brunner volunteered for the duration of 3 months to support health, care and supply institutions facing those new and unusual challenges within the framework of the extraordinary civil service proclaimed by the federal government.

He finally started as an associate at GDB in Wels in fall 2020.

Mag. Johannes Brunner
Pollheimerstraße 15, 4600 Wels
Tel.: 07242/31 50 50
Fax: 07242/31 50 50-4